What a joy to interview Kelly Anderson!!  She is truly a gift from God.  We can all learn more from her on improving our relationship with God.  You will find below a link to her Facebook page as well as her detailed instructions for Writing Letters to God.  You will also find some amazing affirmations that I have written to help you strengthen your relationship with God as well.  ENJOY!!

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Writing Letters to God/Seeking to Receive From Him

By Kelly King Anderson

The Creating with God Project

November 10, 2014

Are you a journal writer? Me too! I know that sometimes we feel insights or inspiration during this time, and as we know- ALL source of inspiration comes from God. So why not ask more during these journal sessions, intentionally and on purpose?

I have been writing letters TO God for many years however, I am relatively new at receiving letters FROM God. I have had amazing results and feel very close to God when I do these writing activities and know that we are having the closest form of communication that we can have (for me because I have ADD when I pray, especially when I am tired).

I want people to know they can communicate openly with God in this way and so does He but it is only for those who are ready and open to it. Not everyone is ready, so if you are reading this, please only share with others if you think they want to deepen their relationship with God.

In a recent letter from God recently these words came which are very relevant:

“This two way communication that we have is so unique and rare. Few take the time, few know it exists, and fewer even care which makes me so sad because those that do are even more precious in my sight.”


  1. Find a quiet space to be alone with you and God. Often I write while I am traveling alone or in nature at a peaceful and inspiring. I love writing in bed too when my kids are asleep and the house is still.
  1. Address the letter to God however you feel to address Him and honor Him. Then start to pour out your heart in whatever area you want to focus on for the session.
  1. Take time. Sometimes these sessions take a long time (1 hour +) sometimes not (15 min). I used to think that I needed to talk to them about every area of my life every single time, but this is not always the case and it isn’t necessary.

I will say that there is a definite response based on the time I invest in this. On the plane I wrote for probably 2 hour to God and I got a 2 hour answer back…25 pages total of my writing and receiving. If I write shorter then my answers are shorter. If we do this regularly then maybe then the answers just become shorter anyway. I trying to do a little each day.

  1. After I write my letter and feel it is complete I sign my name then I write, Dear and pause…sometimes the greeting from them comes as my name or daughter or something else about my title with them. Listen to how they want to address you, this is tender and so sweet. Sometimes it is like receiving text messages and I see them on a monitor and am writing the words down so fast and my writing is very sloppy.

One letter recently I was prompted to even draw little smile faces and hearts like this as I do on Facebook and texts, I loved it so much!

  1. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know how to listen to a reply…this may take time for you. If you don’t know how to receive an answer in this way it might not be your natural spiritual communication style but don’t give up on it. Just like any new skill or habit, it takes time to practice and see how it might work for you specifically.

As I mentioned I wrote letters TO God for a long time just as I was writing my journal but I rarely ever paused to ask what His thoughts were…and when I did I got an idea or insight. Then just recently in the last couple years I developed the courage to ask for a full letter in return. He is so excited to do this with us. He misses us so much and is right there with us and wants to give us counsel and love!

  1. As you start to receive God’s special letters, please know these are meant for you and keep them sacred.

I hardly ever share the contents with anyone. Maybe a passage or two…sometimes whole ideas come that I need to share and am directed but many times these are just for me and God (plus my heavenly support team) to have time together to catch up on how things are going/not going and what I can do next to further my work on the earth.

My mission on this planet is to help others to build a natural and personal relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ so that they will feel their love and influence. I hope these ideas helped you.

****Please know that there is NOTHING you cannot ask God. He loves you and wants to be source for all of your answers, always.*****

I can’t wait for you to develop a meaningful relationship with God in this way.

Writing Letters to God PDF

Affirmations to Help You Strengthen Your Relationship With God
by Tara Jensen

  • I am connected to the love of my Heavenly Parents.
  • I am connected to the wisdom of Heaven.
  • I am a divine daughter/son of God.
  • I have a divine birthright and heritage.
  • It is easy for me to receive answers from God.
  • Praying is easy for me and I receive answers quickly and easily.
  • Divine wisdom guides me daily.
  • My relationship with God is strong and vibrant.
  • I feel God’s love for me now.
  • The answers I need are here for me now.
  • I am watched over and protected.
  • I am loved and cherished.
  • I am loved no matter what I have said or done.
  • Gods love for me is unconditional.

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