Attn: Women Who Are Tired of Disconnect In Their Marriage

“How To Put Passion and Connection Back
Into Your Marriage”

Do you feel you have very little in common with your spouse anymore?

My name is Tara Jensen (My story)

As I’ve worked with women on relationships, I’ve noticed they struggle in five main areas.

  • They no longer feel they have anything in common with their spouse. 
  • The passion and love that they felt when they were first married is almost non-existent.
  • They don’t feel supported or even noticed by their spouse.
  • They both are on different paths spiritually.
  • They find it hard to integrate goals and dreams because they both want different things.  

This is why I’ve developed:

“The Relationship Healing Compass:
4 Steps To Reconnect And Reignite The Passion In Your Marriage”

When you participate in this exclusive training you’ll receive…

  • Enjoy they synergy of the 4 live modules and get your questions answered immediately.
  • Easily review the materials at anytime with the recordings of the 4 Live Modules.
  • Integrate the tools that you learn easily with the 4 PDF’s with Simple Templates.
  • ( flip)4 Live Energy Sessions with Recordings Available to help clear out any limiting beliefs and to create a clean and clear space for your relationship to flourish.
  • flip benefit to front Private Facebook Group to get answers to all of your questions along the way.

Explain When, Where and How the information will be delivered.

This Might Be For You If…

  • If you are ready to make a positive change in your marriage.
  • If you still hope that your marriage can be saved and you are willing to put energy into it.
  • Be open to energy work and working on your mindset.


Finally get your marriage back on the right road.  Why suffer in an unhappy situation any longer.  Enroll in this training today!

By the end of this training you’re going to

  • feel hopeful
  • have clear action-steps to take
  • AND be empowered to do them easily

My clients express that when we are done with a session, they always feel clear, hopeful and know what simple action steps to take to achieve real progress.

As you take part in the energy sessions and Facebook page, it keep you motivated and moving forward!

Why stay stuck any longer?

Let’s get you moving forward.

This will propel you forward in every relationship in your life!!


$497 Value

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