Affirmations are a great way to help move out heavy energy and re-write the story of your life.

I can see each part of my life as a lesson.

Forgiving this person sets me free.

I let go of this resentment to be able to grab on to more happiness.

I can heal from all past offenses.

It is safe for me to forgive others and allow my heart to heal.

I allow the past to remain in the past.

It is safe for me to forgive myself.

I have a forgiving heart, mind, and soul.

I forgive every person who has undermined my self-image.

Here are 9 signs that suggest you might benefit from Energy Healing Therapy:

1) Do you have an idea or inner desire about what to do next, but your excuses overpower your will to move forward?

2) Do your emotional responses (including anger and tears) seem easily triggered?

3) Do you ever find yourself in an emotionally charged conflict with a partner or loved one that seems much larger than what the actual disagreement warrants?

4) Does your mind chatter disturb your daily measure of peace?

5) Is your relationship with a spouse or loved one clouded by the disappointments and/or resentments of the past?

6) Do your creative urges feel blocked?

7) Do you taste fear about taking the next step?

8) Do you feel cut off from trusting your intuition or receiving intuitive knowledge?

9) Do you feel disconnected from the Awesome version of yourself?

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