What’s the Loyalty Rewards Program?

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is the most intelligent way to buy dōTERRA products. You not only get wholesale pricing, but you also receive 10-30 percent of your total purchase back in free product points.  Your starting percentage is based on the kit you purchased.  The percentage grows over time.  If you order 50 pv or more every month, your percentage increases 5 percent every 3 months until you reach 30% back on purchases.  This is on top of the 25% savings you are already getting as a wholesale member.

The LRP is a recurring monthly order.  Order items, shipping dates, and credit card information can be adjusted up to 24 hours before the order processes.  A loyalty rewards order can be cancelled anytime by contacting member services at 1-800-411-8151.   Basically, you get free stuff for being a loyal customer, kind of like sky miles. I have personally earned well over $1000 in free oils since I joined the Loyalty Rewards Program (and that doesn’t even include all the free Products of the Month I’ve received!).



Also, doTERRA has a Free Product every month (generally worth $10-$15 in value) that you can earn if you place your LRP order on or before the 15th of the month and it is 125pv or more.  PV is generally equal to dollars.  For example Balance oil is $20 and the PV is 20.  Some products such as diffusers and Vitamins, the dollar amount and PV are a little different.  Be sure to have your order set by the 15th and at 125 PV so you can start stocking up on the FREE oil of the month!!  Also, you are earning FREE Product Credits on everything you purchase that is 50 PV or more.  Woot! Woot!