When you get your Kit in the mail it is so Fun and Exciting to be able to open all of those bottles of Oil and to smell them and start trying them out. Sometimes it may be a little overwhelming if you are new to oils and you are trying to remember what you learned about how to use them. I would encourage you to watch this Short Tutorial of how to get onto your Back Office to order more products and some awesome information about our Loyalty Rewards Program. Remember, our Team Website is a great resource to learn more about using Essential Oils for everyday life.

Please take the time to schedule a Wellness Consultation with your Enroller so that they can help you figure out the Best Oils and Wellness Products for your families needs and they can walk you through setting up your Loyalty Rewards order.

Be sure to LIKE us on our Facebook Page and get great up to date information on how to use Oils and tips for Finding Joy on a daily basis. If you have question about how to Use your Oils or what oil to use for a particular ailment, visit our Group Facebook Page and post your question to get answers immediately.

Have fun experimenting with your Oils!!

Here’s some great information on 101 Uses for Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint to get you started!

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