Here are some powerful affirmations that you can say daily to Balance the Chakras.  Energy is moved on intention, so just have the intention prior to saying them, that whatever needs to be balanced- will. Get your free PDF here.

Root Chakra:

I easily start and complete things.

I am secure.

I belong.

I am safe in relationships.

I am abundant in all areas of my life.

Sacral Chakra:

I am comfortable in my body.

I attract like minded people who support and love me.

I am wealthy and it is OK with God if I have money.

I am safe enjoying sex.

Solar Plexus Chakra: 

I own my own power.

I deserve joy and peace.

I am confident and secure.

I am open to new ways of doing things.

I can forgive myself and others.

Heart Chakra: 

I am worthy and deserving of my mother and fathers time and attention.

I am connected with my core truth.

My feelings and emotions are safe.

It’s safe for me to forgive and allow my heart to heal.

I take in life fully.

Throat Chakra:

I am vocalizing my feelings.

It is safe to express myself.

What I say is important.

I am heard.

I speak with clarity and kindness.

Brow Chakra:

I am clear and confident.

I see the possibilities all around me and bring them into my reality.

I am connected to my divine purpose.

I am free of family beliefs that limit my truth.

Crown Chakra:

It is safe to be myself around others.

I am true to myself.

I can influence outcome in my life.

I am living my divine purpose and thriving.

I listen and easily hear my inner voice.