Thanks for investing in yourself and having the courage to stand up to Anxiety.  I hope that as you feel empowered in one area of your life, it will spill over into the other areas and you will see a lot of growth and momentum.  My intention with this first video is for you to learn the art of visualization and be able to practice this technique on a regular basis to keep yourself clean and clear of the burdens and emotions of others.

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Video 1:  Visualizations

Visualizations are a great way to move energy around Anxiety and help create a new story for your life.

Video 2 is about Affirmations and affirming the life that you want. You can get a copy of the powerful affirmations mentioned in the video here.


Video 3- Release Techniques
In this video you will learn 3 powerful techniques that can help to release unwanted emotion. Suppressed emotions sabotage health – mental, physical and emotional health. Science is now proving that suppressed beliefs lead to ill health. Chinese medicine and other ancient medicines have known this all along.

Video 4: Anchoring Technique
Anchoring is a powerful way to stay tethered to times of wholeness when the water around us may be raging.

Video 5: Grounding Techniques
Grounding techniques are a great way to bring yourself back into the present moment. On this video you will learn 5 simple grounding techniques.

Video 6 Meditation
This video teaches you the power of meditation and how it can quiet the mind and help you to reduce anxiety in your life. You are going to love how easy it is to get in the “gap” or the space between your thoughts.

Video 7 Stress Reduction and Triggers

On this video you are going to learn about 3 easy ways to reduce stress and how to find triggers so that you can combat them before they happen!!

On the video I told you about my mentoring group called Creating a New Story.  If you want to learn more about joining the group, you can check it out here.

Bonus Video 8  Essential Oils for Anxiety

You will learn about 4 powerful essential oils that help to reduce stress and help to promote feelings of calm and peace.

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