7 Tools to Conquer Anxiety Naturally

Do you or someone you love feel anxiety or depression on a regular basis?

Are you an empath? Do you feel the emotions of others and take them on as your own?

Would you like to stop all the worry about the past and the future?

Do you want to experience more JOY on a daily basis?

Here’s some tools to assist in overcoming anxiety NATURALLY:

In this Training Series you will receive 7 videos that will help you in overcoming anxiety in an easy and natural way.

  1. Visualizations
  2. Affirmations: affirming the life you want and rewiring those neuro pathways
  3. Release techniques
  4. Anchoring:remembering and anchoring times of wellness, helps to distract in times of panic.
  5. Grounding techniques
  6. Meditation
  7. Stress reduction and triggers

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This series of videos made such a difference for me.  Tara teaches them in such an easy way to understand and I loved that I could refer back to them at any time.  My favorite tool was the visualization.  It really seemed to melt away the additional struggle that I had taken on from others.  I literally felt different and lighter within minutes.  I also loved the affirmations!!  I am learning how to create a new story for my life and letting go of the fear and worry that was floating around in my mind.  I recommend this series for anyone!!  It can help in any aspect of your life.  ~Jo A.

Tara, her help, support, and gifts have helped me through the hardest time in my life. Through energy healing, she has influenced me, my thinking, and my life for the better, and I am truly grateful. ~Katie K.

Tara creates a very comfortable space to allow energy to flow and especially to allow the negative energy to surface and be healed. She is uplifting and keeps the session moving in a positive direction from beginning to end! ~Francesca S.