Your 1st two videos in your training series will be emailed to you within 24 Hours

This series will include:

 7 Video Training Series on Anxiety

  1. Visualizations
  2. Affirmations: affirming the life you want and rewiring those neuro pathways
  3. Release techniques
  4. Anchoring:remembering and anchoring times of wellness, helps to distract in times of panic.
  5. Grounding techniques
  6. Meditation
  7. Stress reduction and triggers

Bonus: Additional video on Essential Oils– amazing oils that help with anxiety and depression and I am going to include a free roller bottle of specific oils to help in your healing- muscle tested specifically for your needs.  $25 value

Bonus: One on one 20 minute session with Tara- fine tune and clear the energy, find out where you might have holes or need additional mentoring or energy coaching.  $50 value

I wish you hope and health on your journey!!