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Are you ready for a change in your life?

Do you want to move forward quickly and easily from a place of feeling stuck?

Would you like more JOY, happiness, peace and contentment on a daily basis?

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Please join me for a FREE energy healing recorded session.  This is an easy and powerful way to move forward in your healing.  You are also going to learn some valuable tools and techniques to use to quickly release negative emotions so that you can stay clean and clear.  Fill in your name and email below to get your healing sessions coming!!  You will also get a monthly newsletter with bonus material.

Energy is not constrained by time or space, so listening to the recording is the same as if you listened when it was recorded live. Setting an intention of what you would like cleared prior to listening to the call is very important. Energy moves much more quickly when there is intention.
This is not a telephone or Internet session. You will be provided the recording to the call by email and all you do is just relax and notice what is happening in your body as you listen to the recording at your convenience.

Tara Jensen is Certified SimplyHealed practitioner and has a powerful intuitive gift for energy healing. She can see and feel energy and works to clear the energy systems, body systems and to help heal the body. She is faith based in her practice and will often give you tools to help release limiting beliefs and heavy emotion. Helping to rewrite your story of health, prosperity, love and abundance.

You can begin to notice effects of the energy adjustments during or after listening to the call. Here are comments from people who have enjoyed sessions with Tara.

“I highly recommend Tara!  She worked on me and it helped me a ton!  I have struggled with feet pain and the emotions of going through a  horrible divorce recently.  It was very stressful and after Tara worked on me, a ton of my pain disappeared.  I felt a huge relief physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It really helped me and I am so grateful.  Tara has a gift and the training and desires to bless others she comes in contact with.”   JW

“I met Tara for something completely different than energy healing, and I know it isn’t a coincidence that we met when we did!!! She is amazing and I’m so grateful for the guidance and direction she has already provided during a very stressful time in my life. Thanks cutie! So happy to get to know you more!” FS

“Tara, her help, support, and gifts have helped me through the hardest time in my life. Through energy healing, she has influenced me, my thinking, and my life for the better, and I am truly grateful. ” KK

The energy works on many levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Even though it’s a group healing, the energy works with everyone individually. The energy is intelligent and knows best how to work with your energy system. The energy infuses light and energy into your energy field and can help clear and balance the acupuncture meridians, chakras and other energy channels.

I ask for your help by please forwarding this to anyone you think may be interested so that more people can enjoy the benefits of the session. You can post this wherever you think it would be helpful, message boards, blogs, Facebook and other social sites, Twitter, etc..

The Facebook Energy Healing page is growing and has a lot of great tips and advice for staying clean and clear with your energy. We are getting more and more people who are posting about how these sessions have helped them physically, mentally and emotionally.

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I love the thought of how sharing this recording can bless so many people’s lives. The more energy the better. One recording can literally affect thousands if you share this information. Energy is not constrained by time or space and so it’s affects are infinite. I am only a conduit for the energy and not the source and give all credit to the Divine, Universe, Spirit or whatever term one wants to use. The energy helps people to adjust their energy field so they can heal themselves. I’m very grateful for this gift and I’m happy to share it.

I like to hear from people afterwards. Please feel free to email your experience from listening to the session. My email address is I would love to share your testimonial on my page.

“This summer I hurt my knee really bad.  It kept me from doing activities that I love.  I went to the doctor for an MRI and therapy and couldn’t get my knee to feel better.  It was progressing, but not a lot.  I woke up one morning and the pain was gone.  I attributed this to the energy work that Tara had been doing for me that day.  Once that negative energy was released it healed quickly.  Tara is very talented at doing energy work and she is good at explaining how it works and how it will help you in day to day life.” KJ

“Thank you so much for working on my son, Hunter. I loved your easy and down to earth explanations from the session. Using your intuition to help guide us to the areas needing attention, helping bring in as much light as possible. I appreciate you being apart of my families healing journey. It was exactly what our family needed.” MR

“Energy work has been a wonderful addition to our natural lifestyle.  Tara has done some amazing work for me and my family.  She has helped me get through some tough generational issues along with past childhood issues.  By doing energy work on my children I’ve been able to better understand what they are going through, which in turn helps me to be a better mother to them.  Thank you Tara for the wonderful gift of emotional healing.  SG

You may notice many things before, during and after the session. Many people may feel peaceful, energized, centered, balanced and sleep better. There can be a lot of purification happening on many levels during this time including emotional, mental and physical.

During the session you can feel different energy sensations working in your body. Some of these feelings can be tingling, electrical, vibrating, heat, coolness, cold, pressure, lightness and more. I tend to really need to breathe or yawn when I’m moving energy. The energy knows where to work where it is most needed. Many clients report being surprised when the energy often finds their blockages even though they haven’t told me their symptoms.

A great majority of people have very positive results. Some people are more sensitive and can feel a lot of energy moving in their body. Others may not feel the energy, but will notice good effects. After the sessions people can feel calm, centered, energized and balanced. They can also feel their pain greatly reduced or eliminated.

Be sure to see your medical doctor if you have persistent or intense pain. This work is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment of any kind. See Disclaimer below.

You can feel emotional during this time, which is very good. Dis-ease can be caused by emotional repression. The energy from these repressed emotions get stored in the organs and tissues of the body. The energy from the sessions can help to release these stored emotions. When we release repressed emotions then we can bring about deep healing. It takes a lot of energy to hold down the emotions and when they are released we can have much more energy available to us. So if you get a little teary eyed, just know that you are releasing emotion.
If after the session you would like to do more intensive healing work then you can sign up for my Monthly Program.

You get 3 additional energy healing recordings for only $99. This program is a powerful way to speed up the healing process and help to heal chronic issues and patterns and to learn simple and easy release techniques to continue on your own. These 3 additional energy healing session recordings will be emailed to you to listen at your convenience as well as a daily unscheduled balance of the energy systems. You can also add immediate family members that live in your home and pets to this month of healing for an additional $39 a month. Find out more about signing up HERE