2Discovering Your Divine Path and Purpose

Group Mentoring and Energy Clearing

** These recorded sessions are 45 minutes each and will propel you forward in your Path and Purpose

*Topics are:

1- Organization- Prioritizing and cleaning out the overwhelm so energy can flow freely in your mind and in your homes.

2- Self Worth- You came to this earth for a Divine Purpose! Everything you need to live your divine purpose is encoded within you.  Aligning your thoughts with your purpose is crucial!

3- Opening the Door to my Heart- Clearing out the heaviness of grief, pain and sorrow to make room for more Joy, Love and Peace!


 All Three Sessions for only $150

“Tara Jensen is a very intuitive and sensitive woman who always get right to the heart of what is holding you back in your life. One thing I have loved about working with Tara is that it has made me more aware of what outside and inside influences are having a negative impact on my life. I always go away feeling more hope, more confidence in facing life, and a sense of peace. Energy work is an amazing way to help you heal, move forward, and just have more peace and joy in your life!”- Jennifer P. ~Utah