Essential Oil Singles

This collection of single essential oils represents the finest aromatic extracts available in the world today. Each oil provides the living essence of its botanical source, gently distilled from plants that are nurtured and carefully harvested throughout the world. Learn more about how to get started with essential oils here. Each oil is 100 percent natural and passes strict standards of purity and potency. A beautiful palette of botanical energies, they can be used individually or blended for personalized essential oil therapies.  These are the RETAIL Prices.  Remember that you receive 25% off with a Wholesale Membership.  Purchase Now!!

arborvitae Basil_15ml Bergamot_15ml black pepper cardamom cassia cedar wood cilantro cinnamon clary sage clove coriander cypresseuycalyptus fennel frankincense geranium ginger grapefruit hawaiin sandalwood helichrysum juniper berry lavender1 lemon lemongrass lime marjoram melaleuca melissa myrrh oregano patchouli peppermintpeppermint beadlets roman chamomile rosemary thyme vetiver white fir wild orange wintergreen ylang ylang